Sunday, September 7, 2008


If ladies were banks: The tall slim ones are called --Skye bank;The robust and spacious ones--Oceanic bank;The ones that move from one relationship to another--Intercontinent al bank;The silent but dangerous ones are--Firstinland bank; Those who are not cute yet they love being heard-- Bank PHB;Those who stick to one man--Fidelity bank;Those who seems caring yet debit you massively for every affection--UBA;Those that go to any extend to make you sad--Zenith bank;Those who are old yet they don't realize they are no more in vogue--Union bank;The brief and summarized ones--Micro Finance;The huge ones that ''stand gidigba for ground'--Firstbank;The beautiful, reserved and homely ones--Diamond Bank;The ones that must spend their annual vacation abroad even when the husband is broke -- GTB

evon cares to know which one u belong

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