Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Who is a DOP?

The role of DOP (Director of photography) on a live production

Dop is a also known as the DP. More than just a camera operator, he or
she controls the lighting, framing, composition and mood of your
shots. The DP is in charge of trying to realise, as closely as
possible, the shots that you want for your video, through the
appropriate use of lenses, camera angles, lights and filters.
On set or Location, The DOP needs to make sure the camera is
functioning properly, in right settings, format and the lighting
positioned effectively, then either the performance or the image may
suffer. The more talent and experience a DP has, the better your
production is going to look, which is why their role is such an
important one. Whether you are shooting on DV,35MM,HDV,BETCAM,TAPELESS
FORMAT etc, the DP ill give the Transmission Director the freedom to
mix the camera's shots using a video switcher/mixer.
Becoming a competent DOP takes years of training, especially if you
shoot on film camera ie 35mm film camera(I will explain more on types
of professional camera we have which are film and video camera. You
may read it up on net.)]]]
A DOP should be highly proficient at what you are asking them to do.
Whatever format you are shooting on, you want to achieve the
appropriate look without losing time or losing shots bearing in mind
that live production does not have anyway to repeat any shots you
missed because you can never repeat the event again. That' s why
proper planning are needed before shooting.

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